Bioresonance and Angel Energies


Dermatologist confirms: surgical operation not necessary any more.


Angel Energies in Physiotherapy


This interview tells us how the angel essences and angel symbols became part of a physiotherapist's practice and how they are applied there.


Energy Practitioner


An Austrian energy practitioner concerning neutralizing interference-fields.


Austrian Coach about Skin Blemishes


Dermatologist confirms: surgical operation not necessary any more.


Spiritual Education


Susanne Seger teaches in a Secondary School in Austria. In this interview she tells us how she integrates the angel symbols and angel essences in her lessons.


Bioresonance and Angel Energies


With technical help part of the effectiveness of the angel essences can be visualized.


More testimonials: free eBook


Since 1997 Angel Symbols and Angel Essences have been used as tools from the spiritual world, more and more successfully. The reason why Gerd Schwank, partner of Ingrid Auer, started to interview numerous users, was to show the great variety of possible fields of application. The book should provide evidence of the effectiveness of these angelic tools both for laymen and energy-practitioners. Furthermore it wants to encourage those who are open for new and unconventional paths.