eWorkshop "Heavenly tools: Angel Symbols 1–49"


This eWorkshop provides an opportunity to discover the world of the energized Angel Symbol Cards
1- 49, to deepen experiences you have already made, to try out new application possibilities, and to get to know yourself better. The practical applications are complemented by meditations, spoken by Ingrid Auer, a forum for exchange of experiences in your own language (presided over by Ingrid Auer and translator).



eWorkshop "Spiritual Education"


Spiritual Education (www.spiritualedu.com), as started by Ingrid Auer and Beate Fallaschinski, can be seen as a complement, extension and logical follow-up to alternative/holistic education. At the same time, it does not only satisfy the children’s physical, mental and emotional requirements, but most of all, the spiritual – free from any religious belief. In this eWorkshop you will, step by step be introduced to Spiritual Education. Numerous practical exercises with the symbol cards for children, and meditations from and with Ingrid Auer, round off this workshop.




eWorkshop "Heal your inner child"


Many people have long recognized that the so-called healing of the inner child is inevitable, if you want to be physically, mentally and emotionally balanced and healthy. Ingrid Auer has developed an eWorkshop which enables the participants to get to the roots of injuries and blockages of the inner child in a simple, but profound way. With the help of the Angel Symbol Cards for Children you can quickly recognize, deal with, and transform these burdens from your childhood. The eWorkshop offers a wonderful chance to approach this topic in a unique way, and to benefit your inner child.