Pendulum Cleansing


From time to time your pendulum might need an energetic cleansing. Simply place it on Symbol No. 04.




Charging Cosmetics


Reduce unwanted side-effects, caused by the manufacturing process. Use angel Symbol No. 04 again.



Energy Transmission


If you know a person in need of energetic help, this is a simple way to help them.



Improve Working Atmosphere


For increased harmony in your daily working routine.



Energetic Cleansing of Rooms


Many rooms have an energetic history.



Improving Food


Many food products are processed, and therefore we want to reduce unhealthy side-effects.



Spiritual Upgrade of Prescription Drugs


Reduce possible unwanted energetic effects drugs may have on your condition.



Carry Angel Energy with You


Sometimes you want to feel more protected than usual. Strengthen your energetic armor!



Chakra Energizing


Your chakras may be weakened for various reasons. This is the easy way to reload them energetically.



Ask your Angel


Need some advice? Just put your question on a paper and draw a symbol.



Protection Circle for Journeys


Being protected while travelling makes you feel comfortable.



Card of the Day


Be prepared for the energy and experiences of the day. Draw a card for orientation and interpretation.



Message of the Day


Learn more in Ingrid's books after drawing the Card of the Day.



Charging Balms


Charge your balms with the energy of a certain Symbol.



Protection Circle for Pregnancy


If you want to provide extra protection for your own pregnancy or a friend's.



Thank the Angels


Show gratitude to the angels after your wishes have been fulfilled.



Charging Water


Water can be charged with Angel energy that you might be in need of.



Supporting Conflicts/Crises


Want to support people in conflict regions or in crises brought upon them? This is your chance.



Angelic Support for Projects


Energetic Support for an important Project.



Support for Relationships


There is all the energetic support for people in love.


Download Folder


All the tips above you can download as a free PDF folder.