INGRID is one of Europe’s leading mediums, channeling MESSAGES and ENERGIZED SYMBOLS and ESSENCES from both the ANGELS and ASCENDED MASTERS. Since 1998 she has been writing spiritual books, which she has received as a medium.

At the center of her work are energized symbols, and essences, which are not only used by private individuals, but also doctors, healing practitioners, energy practitioners, and teachers, with great success.

The energized symbols and essences have also proved to work well in the areas of pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare. Additionally they are effective during care for the terminally-ill, and those who are grieving.

For many years, Ingrid Auer has been in close contact with the Ascended Master, MARY MAGDALENE. She publishes Mary Magdalene’s messages, which she receives medially, and has been offering SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS since 2013


Ingrid founded, and manages, the company “Lichtpunkt, and Ekonja”-publishing in Austria.

Ingrid Auer lives in Vienna, Austria and Mallorca, Spain and is a regular visitor to the US.