Practical Tips


Wondering what to do with all those Symbols? Here are some ideas.


Children's Stories


21 stories for kids going hand in hand with each of the 21 Angel Symbols for Children.


Transmission Card


For the energy transfer of Ingrid's Angel Symbols, Essences, Aura Essences, Oils and Ampoule


Protection Circles


For protecting persons, houses, animals, journeys,

projects, etc.


Cutting Circles


For clearing relationships, dependencies, 

co-dependencies, behaviour, etc. 


Pendulum Tables


Ingrid Auer described in her book "Spiritual Essences. Interdimensional tools for a New Age" the use of pendulum tables to check the right Angel / Master Essence or Symbol. 


Complete Product Folder


All of those symbols, symbol cards, aura essences and books described in one comprehensive folder.