Mary Magdalene


When Ingrid had her first conscious contact with Mary Magdalene, she was not sure what would be the best way to work with her. Ingrid could feel her very clearly, and she knew – similar to her commitment with the angels – that it was much more than personal enthusiasm for Mary Magdalene. It is Ingrid’s task to work at the interface between present and past, between now and history, between the biblical figure and the Ascended Master, and to restore the reputation of Mary Magdalene.


Lemurian Goddesses


The original Lemurian Sisterhood was practiced within all parts of Lemuria, both the mother mountain, and the descendant islands and mainland settlements. It lasted far past the “akashic growth centuries” and continued to spread around the earth until it was all but forgotten due to survival attributes and the beginning of the conquering eras of your history.


Spiritual Education


In our spiritual education project, we want to provide interested parents, teachers and therapists, with practical and easy tips and instructions. With our spiritual tools – Energized Symbols and Aura Essences – support and accompany children effectively. Although the origins of our tools are in the spiritual level of our being, the application is independent of any religious or ideal values.