The Aura-Essences contain the subtle energies of the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Mary Magdalene and her companions. They are sprayed above the head into the electromagnetic field, over relevant objects, and in rooms.

The energy 
of the Essences (and that is what makes the
m so unique) can balance, harmonize and reactivate the subtle energies of our bodies, our chakras, and our meridians - even the layers of our multidimensional DNA.



Archangel Michael:

peace – calmness –
protection – feeling of security – justice – trust
– faith – support with stress

Archangel Chamuel: love – relationship –
unity of thought and action – scars from childhood or partnerships – love of self

Archangel Gabriel: clarity – purity – reflection
– energetic cleansing – desire for motherhood
– decision – turn darkness into light

Archangel Raphael (“Angel of Healing”):
relaxation – freedom – closeness to nature –
focus – orientation – perception

Archangel Uriel: strength – power – courage to face life – endurance – stamina – joy – being grounded

Archangel Metatron: focus – centralizing –
scheme for life – finding harmony within yourself
– centring – wishes and visions

Energetic Boundary: protection of the
aura, chakras and the morphogenetic field
from negative influences and energies

Energetic Cleansing: cleansing of aura,
chakras and the morphogenetic field – transformation
of burdening energies

Angel Sonael:

energetic cleansing of aura and chakras on exposure to increased radiation

Angel Norael:

pregnancy – birth – infancy

Angel Hariel:

childhood – the inner child – family

Higher Self:

contacting and close connection with the Higher Self – integration of the Higher Self into the
subtle body

Guardian Angel: contacting and communication
with the guardian angels – invocation in difficult circumstances

Multidimensional DNA Layers:

for activating the multidimensional DNA layers

Djwal Khul:

new, holistic ways of healing for mankind – connection to the divine stream of healing – new body awareness 

Saint Germain:

gain and hold inner freedom and independence – find out and clear your dark

all-embracing love – equality of men and women – peace and harmony

Serapis Bey:

intense cleansing of the subtle body – cleansing and clarification of circumstances

Mother Mary: motherliness – loss of mother – role model – single parent – child of divorce – dependency – gratitude

Mary Magdalene: respect and esteem –
role models – healing of sexuality – appreciation
– expectations


(“Emergency Aura Essence”): affirming life – admitting / solving difficulties – showing weaknesses 

Sarah Tamar:

inner child – childhood –
caring for children – unborn child – stillbirth/
miscarriage – family pattern

Sara-La-Kali: womanhood – healing of
sexuality – standing up for one’s female side – sexuality as spiritual experience – emancipation

Lemurian Sisterhood: reconnection with Lemurian female energy – reactivating feminine divine – spiritual healing abilities – balancing male and female principles