Archangel Michael:

peace – calmness –
protection – feeling of security – justice – trust
– faith – support with stress

Archangel Chamuel: love – relationship –
unity of thought and action – scars from childhood or partnerships – love of self

Archangel Gabriel: clarity – purity – reflection
– energetic cleansing – desire for motherhood
– decision – turn darkness into light

Archangel Raphael (“Angel of Healing”):
relaxation – freedom – closeness to nature –
focus – orientation – perception

Archangel Uriel: strength – power – courage to face life – endurance – stamina – joy – being grounded

Archangel Metatron: focus – centralizing –
scheme for life – finding harmony within yourself
– centring – wishes and visions

Energetic Boundary: protection of the
aura, chakras and the morphogenetic field
from negative influences and energies

Energetic Cleansing: cleansing of aura,
chakras and the morphogenetic field – transformation
of burdening energies

Angel Sonael:

energetic cleansing of aura and chakras on exposure to increased radiation

Angel Norael:

pregnancy – birth – infancy

Angel Hariel:

childhood – the inner child – family

Higher Self:

contacting and close connection with the Higher Self – integration of the Higher Self into the
subtle body

Guardian Angel: contacting and communication
with the guardian angels – invocation in difficult circumstances

Multidimensional DNA Layers:

for activating the multidimensional DNA layers

Djwal Khul:

new, holistic ways of healing for mankind – connection to the divine stream of healing – new body awareness 

Saint Germain:

gain and hold inner freedom and independence – find out and clear your dark

all-embracing love – equality of men and women – peace and harmony

Serapis Bey:

intense cleansing of the subtle body – cleansing and clarification of circumstances

Mother Mary: motherliness – loss of mother – role model – single parent – child of divorce – dependency – gratitude

Mary Magdalene: respect and esteem –
role models – healing of sexuality – appreciation
– expectations


(“Emergency Aura Essence”): affirming life – admitting / solving difficulties – showing weaknesses 

Sarah Tamar:

inner child – childhood –
caring for children – unborn child – stillbirth/
miscarriage – family pattern

Sara-La-Kali: womanhood – healing of
sexuality – standing up for one’s female side – sexuality as spiritual experience – emancipation

Lemurian Sisterhood: reconnection with Lemurian female energy – reactivating feminine divine – spiritual healing abilities – balancing male and female principles








Archangel Zadkiel

forgiveness – pardon – grief – transformation – spirituality









Being a ‘good sport’ – troubleshooting – optimism – fearlessness – support – solidarity – grounding – energy – powerful woman – self-confidence 









better understanding of the so-called children of the New Age - spiritual awakening - renewals - upheavals - allowing changes - loving understanding - feminine energy of the New Age - partnership of the New Age








Lady Gaia

down-to-earthness – Mother Earth – centring – contact with spirits of nature – earth healing – accepting one’s earthly life – transformation and ascension process of the earth – increase in vibration