When Ingrid Auer had her first conscious contact with Mary Magdalene, she was not sure in what sort of way they chould work together. She could feel Mary Magdalene very clearly; Ingrid knew – similar to her commitment with the angels – that it was much more than personal enthusiasm for Mary Magdalene.

Over the past few years it has sometimes been a challenge for Ingrid, to commit herself, as a modern woman of the 21st century, to the angels. This is particularly so, because she does not see herself as a religious person in the common sense. So it was difficult for her, to speak on behalf of a biblical figure, such as Mary Magdalene.

Today, Ingrid knows, and feels quite clearly, the task she has received from Mary Magdalene. On a voluntary basis, of course, because it is everybody’s own decision, whether they want to work for and through her. Ingrid is not the classical channel medium that channels for hours and hours, but more the voice for Mary Magdalene, when she wants to attract our attention, or just offer her energies.

It is Ingrid’s task to work as the interface between present and past, between now and history, between the biblical figure, and the Ascended Master. Too much misinformation has been spread about Mary Magdalene. Too many lies. It is time to recognize Mary Magdalene for what she really is: our companion through centuries, our sister, our friend, our protector. The time has come to share the truth of Mary Magdalene.




From time to time Ingrid Auer felt drawn to the south of France. she feels very content, almost at home there. Ingrid particularly loves Provence, with its picturesque little villages, hills, castles, and the life there which is still quite placid. During the summer months Provence is frequented by tourists, but outside these times – especially in winter – you can feel the original energy of this area very deeply.

The French province of Languedoc is even more tranquil than Provence. The charming landscape is located far from tourist mobs. In connection with Mary Magdalene and her descendants, the Languedoc area offers far more places of influence than Provence.
Ingrid's photo-blog shows many pictures and impressions she has brought back from her journeys to the south of France. It is updated regularly.