What are Angel and Master Aura Essences?

Angel and Master Aura Essences are high-frequency interdimensional tools from the spiritual world, which have been channelled to Ingrid Auer since 1999. 

The energy of the angels and ascended masters contained in the essences (and that is what makes these essences so unique) can balance and harmonize the subtle energies of our bodies, our chakras, and our meridians. It is a logical consequence that the physical body reacts positively to this balancing and harmonizing process. At the same time, the essences clearly point to those areas of our life that are unbalanced, or have deficiencies, leading to energy blockages or energy gaps. Many documented examples have illustrated these principles. (Watch progress reports on Youtube)

Now, not only individuals, but also dedicated professionals – doctors, healers, teachers, psychologists, therapists, energy healers and massage therapists are using these essences daily in their practice.


How to use Aura Essences

  • spontaneously and intuitively, through the symbol on the label
  • through testing with the dowser, pendulum or the kinesiologic muscle test 
  • find further information in chapter on ‘Selection procedure’ in the book 'Spiritual Essences. Interdimensional Tools for a New Age'.




Aura Essences are sprayed into the electromagnetic field over the head. They are meant for daily use, but also support all kinds of energy and therapy work. They are also extremely suitable for increasing and improving the vibration energies in living rooms, therapy and meditation rooms.

Characteristics of Aura Essences

Interstellar tools, such as Angel and Master Aura Essences, are permanently looked after by the spiritual world. This offers the following advantages:



It is important to know that the angels and ascended Masters permanently recharge the Aura Essences energetically. This means that the Essences never lose energy, even if they are used for energy transmission.



Aura Essences are energetically protected and sealed by the spiritual world. They do not take on negative, burdening energies, as the angels and masters would not allow this. 

After energy treatment, when the bottles have been touched by different people, they do not have to be energetically cleansed or charged. It is all done by the spiritual world.



The Essences cannot be misused. If anybody tries to use the tools manipulatively, the energies are neutralized by the angels and the masters immediately.



Every Essence is permanently supervised by an angel group. They decide how much of the actual energy reaches the user, and how, and to what extent, the Essence may work. This always happens in agreement between the person’s soul, his Higher Self and the responsible angel group, the correlating Archangel, Angel or Master, depending on who is responsible for the particular Aura Essence.



The energies of the Aura Essences cannot only be transferred personally and directly, but also with the help of a transmission card, or photo. Therefore, you place the Essence bottle on the transmission card, or the photo of the person who should benefit from the energy. Be aware that such a transmission can take longer than a direct application, and that not always the full amount of energy can be transferred. This particularly refers to transmissions with technical appliances and mental transmission. The Essences contain energies from such high interstellar dimensions, that their subtle vibrations cannot be completely transmitted mentally or through technical appliances.



Angel and Master Aura Essences don’t remove people’s problems, and don’t dissolve learning situations. On the contrary: they make people aware of their personal responsibility, and strengthen them to follow new paths. 

These new tools from the spiritual world are like hiking boots, which give us protection and support. But we have to walk ourselves. Of course, you can also go on your (spiritual) developing process ‘barefoot’, with blisters and bleeding feet. But the times where we only learned painfully, are at last over. Suffering is energy of the old age, the Age of Pisces. 



If these Aura Essences are used on the body of a person or an animal:

  • energy blockages are removed from the aura, step by step, in layers
  • cloudy parts of the aura are cleansed and cleared
  • burdening information is deleted
  • the subtle structure of organs, muscles, nerves and other parts of the body are re-adjusted


Read more in the booklet 'Spiritual Essences. Interdimensional Tools for a New Age' by Ingrid Auer.

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