When I came to Hawaii for the first time, I had the feeling of coming home after having been away for a very long time. There are several places on earth where I have the same feeling, but coming to Hawaii I felt a happiness deep in my heart which was new for me.


Later on I came across some interesting information:  right where the Hawaiian Islands are located nowadays, used to be the ancient continent of Lemuria. This information was transmitted in a channeling of KRYON, a being who spoke through the American Lee Carroll.


A couple of years later I went to a Summer Light Conference with Lee Carroll where I learned about Amber Mele’ha Wolf, and the Lemurian Sisterhood. KRYON/Lee Carroll channeled the following information about that ancient Lemurian Goddesses:


“The original Lemurian Sisterhood was practiced within all parts of Lemuria, both the mother mountain, and the descendant islands and mainland settlements. It lasted far past the “akashic growth centuries” and continued to spread around the earth until it was all but forgotten due to survival attributes and the beginning of the conquering eras of your history.


It outlasted the “exclusive expression” attributes of the original Lemuria and made it into some of the most secret societies all over the Earth. It was renamed and even denied by those women who kept it dear, but eventually the Priestesses themselves perished due to the unbalance that was rolling over Humanity. But it never left the akash of the old soul. Like the whispers of a past love, it was always read to re-emerge and rekindle itself with the fire of compassion for all of Humanity”


I had never met Amber before and still she seemed very familiar to me. Apparently this was reciprocal because Amber herself was attracted to my work and liked the symbols and essences I had created. A while later I would discover that according to KRYON/Lee Carroll, Amber has had a past incarnation as the last Lemurian priestess.


When I was doing my radio shows with VOICE AMERICA WOMAN I had decided spontaneously to invite Amber as one of my guests on the show. (If you want to listen to my talk with Amber, click here.)



One day Amber asked me to channel and prepare a special Lemurian Sisterhood Aura Essence which are now available worldwide. Read the information I have received from the spiritual world concerning this matter:

This Master Aura Essence rekindles the re-awakening of the grand potential of the feminine Divine on planet Earth. It evokes the times of Lemuria, one of the oldest advanced civilizations. What it is also tied into, is the power of Gaia and her energetic grids. One of the grids is crystalline in nature and is closely entangled with human beings and their actions on the planet (also known as the Akashic records). It provides support in balancing male and female principles and is therefore a force for healing on the spiritual level.